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Marijuana. . .Savior!

I am a big proponent of legalization of marijuana and hemp.  Marijuana has many medical uses that could potentially put some drug companies out of business and hemp is so multi-faceted that many textile industries would be put out of business.  The real questions are why is this plant illegal? and why should we make it legal again?

In 1988 the FDA conducted a study on marijuana and concluded that Tetra-hydra-cannibanol is “the safest, thereaputic substance known to man.” It has been proven to relieve symptoms of glaucoma, chemo-therapy, anxiety, nausea, and a laundry list of other symptoms.  This plant is not like the coca plant which is used to make cocaine.  The coca plant needs to be processed with chemicals in order to make cocaine but marijuana comes standard with THC.  Back in the early twentieth century, much propaganda arose pertaining to the use of marijuana.  A smear campaign which posed the threat of black men smoking marijuana and raping white women.  I am not kidding.  Then, ‘Reefer Madness’ (which is f-ing hilarious by the way) furthered the propaganda that the plant makes people go crazy and commit murder and rape.  Coincidentally, this is around the time that people like J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Dale Carnegie, and William Randolf Hearst were making TALL money on resources and all of them had some coin to toss at politicians.  If you look at the industries these people controlled, it is no wonder they wanted marijuana made illegal, because it makes people feel good, it helps ease many ailments, and it makes people think! If people are to be ruled they cannot be given more money than they need, they cannot know that they are being ‘ruled’; and in order to do this they cannot think for themselves.  So just like the slaves in the days of old, we were given our alcohol back and two days off on the weekend so we could drink ourselves into a stupor in order to forget how shitty our system is.

Then in one fell swoop, hemp was made illegal as well because. . .it is. . .the same plant. . .and. . .threatened Hearst logging industry.  That’s right, the billionaire publisher was smart and cut down his own trees so he would’t have to pay anyone else for paper and when he realized that hemp can make paper for one quarter of the price it costs to cut down trees, he had his politician friends put hemp on the bill as well.   Imagine that, a plant that is a ‘weed’ and grows like wildfire, that would negate our deforestation for paper and cotton fields for making clothes, rope and other textiles.   George Washington grew hemp as a cash crop but if you grow it in your yard to make clothing or anything else, you are at risk of arrest and losing your home.  Did I mention that the THC in hemp (the male plant) is just as neglegible as the alcohol content in a non-alcoholic beer? Did I also mention that as a weed it grows very quickly (as in a couple months) which negates having to cut down trees?

Follow the money and you will see why this plant is illegal.  Billion dollar industries would collapse overnight, including but not limited to the logging industry, medical industry, and other textiles.  The American Medical Association recently conducted a study on casual marijuana use that indicated up to one join per day would “not affect the function of your lungs [and] evidence points to slight increases in airflow rates and increases in lung volume with casual marijuana use.”   According to government surveys, approximatley 100 million americans have used marijuana, 25 million have used it within the last year, and some 14 million use it regularly.  If hemp makes clothing and paper cheaper without having to cut down trees that take decades to grow back, and marijuana has been declared safe by medical and government institutions; then why are they illegal?

I get really angry when I think of how we have been blinded and led astray in so many ways by the very people who we elect, who take comps from wealthy corporations in order to keep us docile and stupid.  Just imagine a self policing world.  Imagine going into your back yard to tend to your garden while puffing on a joint and picking fresh vegetables for dinner.  Imagine growing hemp in your yard that a local company purchases from you to make clothing, food products and paper.  Imagine our constitution maintained as it was intended.  I am pissed off and if you are not after reading this then you are still asleep. . .good little sheep.  Baaaaa.

Racist or Sexist?

There are many ism’s in our society but the most prevalent and subtle (or not so subtle after all) are racism and sexism.  Our system is set up and run by caucasian males with ‘insignificant penile issues’.  Why does that matter and what the hell does it have to do with the ism’s?  Everything.

Crusty old white men have been in charge of politics and banking since the US was stolen and renamed.  So who was oppressed at the time? Women and black people.  Women were good enough to have sex with and do chores for the crusty old white men and black people did the backbreaking work for them.  With the abolition of slavery, black people were still subjected to Jim Crowe style laws which would result in more black men being in prison as part of chain gangs, still building things.  Then after almost a decade, they were supposedly given ‘equal rights’.  Bullshit.  Women were the ones holding down the fort while all of our boys were overseas fighting wars so our crusty, little dick, oppressive overlords could line their pockets.  Then eventually with the help of people like Susan B. Anthony, women were given equal rights’.  Bullshit.

It is now 2012 and with the end of the Maya calendar upon us, we still cannot treat each other with respect because we have different crusty, little dick, oppressive, corporate overlords keeping us separate.  Republicans and Democrats argue and mudsling and we follow suit because we figure ‘why would our politicians and media lie to us?’.  Behind the layers of deciet there are still many ism’s kept alive by many people in our society.  Women do not make the same amount of money as men.  Don’t you tell me bullshit, I’ve seen it.  They are also offered higher interest rates on credit cards and it is offensive for a man to be called a ‘pussy’.  We even elected a black president before a woman president, which leads to my next point.

Black people are still very oppressed and do not have as equal of rights as is purported.  Why is it that so many black men are in jail? And why is it that in every ‘black’ neighborhood there is a liquor store or gun store on just about every street corner? Why is it that crack is generally only found in ‘black’ neighborhoods? None of these are a coincidence.

Since having a ‘black president’ I have found that people are more prone to judging him based on his color, moreso than his accolades or failures.  On more than several occasions, I have heard in daily life, social media, and even major news media people saying ‘the black president’ when referring to Obama.  I want to say, “why don’t you just call him an ‘n’ word, you racist?”

My four year old and I watched Star Wars; Return of the Jedi, and he said, “daddy, that black guy, I can’t understand what he was saying.” Referring to Darth Vader.  As children, we have no concept of racism or sexism until we learn it.  So how do we break the cycle? It’s not as easy as finding a black man and giving him a hug and whispering “I understand.”  Start becoming aware of everything you say, think and do.  You will certainly find that our society is geared toward oppressing black people and women.  Black people are still treated as second class people and sex is such a taboo topic that women are made out to be nothing more than erotic fodder.  If you are a white male, this does not mean you should befriend a bunch of random black people and start a black rights movement; or start some new womens lib movement.

Our government wants us dumb and separtate from one another.  You can deviate from your normal reading and read something written by a woman or a black author, and if you don’t read then start reading or get it on audio book format because there is no longer an excuse to not be intelligent unless you sit in front of the television waiting to be spoon fed your beliefs by the mass media.  Get out and help in a community different than yours.  There is no excuse for racism or any other ism’s for that matter.

Don’t Support China! They already own. . .

Most Americans don’t pay attention to where the products they purchase originate from and most people in the united states of the people’s republic of china (more on this later) don’t really have any comprehension of what sweat shop labor is or what it entails. Granted, not all of our company’s, sorry, country’s outsourced products come from China, but a vast majority do because they don’t have labor laws, which means that these ‘sweatshops’ get their names from making the employees work under threat while paying them very little if at all. What we have here is a three headed monster of humans being mistreated, American products not being purchased thus decreasing jobs here, and China basically owns our company.

Nothing has truly come to light because as they say ‘the devil is in the details’ and our government is no exception. When we are born, we are assigned a number (SSN) much like the Jews were in the holocaust or like cattle being raised as property for slaughter. Social security is actually a devious way that the united states government can request taxes for your wages which should NOT BE TAXABLE in the first place because wages are like bartering your services for goods. Anyway, when we asked China for ninety billion dollars, we had to have some collateral. Yes, as nice as the chinese are, they too expect safegaurds in their lending. The united states is flat broke (with national debt skyrocketing in the trillions of dollars) so the only thing to offer is all of the land and people as collateral. Our government would never do that you say? Difficult times often require drastic measures and they figured “What’s china gonna do, come and repo us?” When we cannot pay them back, they will certainly expect something, and it will not be a lifetime supply of Barbie dolls and Roca Wear for the Chinese population (although that does sound tempting). Do not support your communist overlords.

Federal minimum wage does us no good if our products are coming from places with no minimum wages. Most products in the average American home are made in China including (but not exclusive to) American Eagle Outfitters, RCA electronics (which stands for Record Company of America), and Harley Davidson motorcycles. If a company has to pay fair wages to a bunch of American workers, then the end products need to be marked up substantially so the company can record a profit as well. Shoes, clothes, and many of the toys you buy for your children are made in China as well. Wal Mart demands low prices from suppliers so they can pass the savings on to the American people and create wonderful job opportunities as a greeter, stocker, or even one day store manager. On the flipside, Nike, Roca Wear and American Eagle products are made in China but they mark their products up something ridiculous like 300% because they know people will buy it. You can make a difference by buying only domestic made products and take it a step further by buying only local. It is harder than you think.

I have never been to a sweatshop except for movie depictions, which means I cannot speak intelligently on the conditions of work environment. What I do know is that it is cheaper for a corporation to pay for plane or boat freight from China to here (and in some cases raw materials go to China and then back here with the final product), than to pay Americans to make it here which means that there are lots and lots of Chinese people who like making American products as pure hobby for fun, or the people who are making them are not getting paid. Numbers do not lie, and if someone is not getting paid sufficiently for their work then how are they taking care of their families?

united states of the people’s republic of china has a. . .eerie ring to it. My mother-in-law prognosticated the Chinese takeover of our country. She said they would come over one day and kick us out. My wife and I thought she was crazy but now I know they will come here and put us to work making the crappy products that we buy every day so they can sell them to France. The information is out there. It takes some looking into but see for yourself before you challenge me and for the love of God, if you buy an American flag, make sure it is made in America.

Marijuana, Antichrist or Savior?

Pot, weed, mary jane, reefer, or whatever you want to call it. Marijuana is a plant and technically considered a weed. Why is it illegal then? Let’s not look at the bullshit reasons that the right wing propaganda machine cooked up decades ago with movies like ‘Reefer Madness’. If you’ve ever seen that movie (you were probably getting high), you would know it is absolutely hilarious. In the movie, people go insane and jump out of windows which is what the general public associated with the plant around the time when it was considered a drug. Here is what doesn’t make sense. In 1988 the FDA conducted a study on THC (tetrahydracannibanol) and found that it was “the safest theraputic substance know to man.” How is weed illegal and cigarettes are legal? Cigarettes actually have surgeon general warnings on them that say things like “Cigarettes have been known to cause deformities in babies and cancer in everyone else.” So why is something so theraputic, (and well documented in decreasing nausea especially in chemotherapy patients) illegal. It is actually been so proven at so many things that there are multiple states in the united states that allow medical marijuana licenses. This blows my mind. I can go to a doctor and tell her that I have chronic back pain from a car accident 20 years ago and she will write me a script that allows me to be high whenever I need to. Why is it still illegal then? There are 3major reasons:

1. Pharmaceutical companies
2. Textile industry
3. Law enforcement funds

Pharmaceutical companies are just as bad as any insurance company or oil company. It is a HUGE multi-billion if not trillion dollar industry all based on synthetically derived ingredients that have to be tested on a certain amount of willing participants and only cause serious side effects in 10% of them and only kill less than 1% of said lab rats/humans. I don’t think that marijuana has ever killed anyone. Do you know what happens when you smoke too much marijuana? You pass out, then wake up and eat. Of course it makes sense that something so theraputically safe and can aid in nausea, chronic pain, glaucoma, and many other ailments would be made illegal, because pharmaceutical companies would stand to lose all funding for product development and would not be able to mark up their latest wonder drug by 400%. So with their deep pockets, these drug companies give ‘gifts’ to their local politicians who in turn pass favorable laws for pharmeceutical companies and make herbs and homeopathics look like witch doctor voo doo and things like marijuana illegal.

Hemp has been know to produce very good clothing, paper, rope and many other things that I probably don’t know of. Since the hemp plant (the male species of marijuana) is a weed, it grows as such which means it requires very little attention or care and can offer products at one tenth of the cost of cotton, trees, or any other billion dollar textile industry. Imagine having a plant that provides all of the wonderful products (while the female counterpart provides a yummy feeling) with no guilt of deforestation, or use of pesticides. However in 1937, the Marijuana Transfer Tax Act went into effect, which destroyed the hemp industry as a cheap replacement to William Randolf Hearst’s timber for his newspapers and other wealthy people’s interests (Andrew Mellon, secretary of Treasury and the Dupont family) in other fibers such as Dupont nylon. The reasons for hemp being included in this law are merely speculative though.

DEA, FBI, CIA, and all other menacing government acronyms that go after ‘drugs’ and drug dealers get funding for such ventures and marijuana is classified as a drug. Currently, Mexico is battling the local drug cartels and Obama is trying to help them crack down on the drug trade. What if we just made marijuana legal so that the government could regulate the growing and dispensation and get tax revenues from it? Oh yeah, there are too many ultra-conservatives in this country and see also ‘pharmeceutical companies and their pet politicans’.

Pot smokers happen to be some of the most laid back and hungry individuals I’ve ever met, and their hemp clothing among the most comfortable and functional on the planet. So why is this plant still illegal? Prohibition only lasted from 1920 to 1933 and was repealed after bootlegging made many people including the Kennedy’s very wealthy. So why is our crappy government giving all of their god given revenue to gangs and hippies?

A Call to Arms

A couple centuries ago, a bunch of British folks came to this country in hope that they could practice their wierd religions (which included but was not exclusive to burning people for witchcraft), make some beer with actual flavor, and not pay British taxes. Here the ideal was to live and let live and everything was fine until the British government decided they wanted taxes for what was considered a new British colony (at least to the king). One thing led to another and the expatriates took on the British with a little help of the French (before they became surrender monkeys)and won their independence. What did they do next? Began a government. Now our three headed monster of a government seems like the Roman republic of old, with too many irons in too many fires.

Since we have many branches of military and law enforcement, the only thing to do is protest peacefully. . .right? With the advent of the tea baggers, sorry tea party, and the ‘occupation’ of every major city in the US including Wall Street and Washington DC, you would think that ‘our’ government would listen to us and start making changes for what ‘we’ want. On the contrary, local and federal governments are changing laws so that people cannot have tents in the downtown areas. What does that mean? It means that if people cannot have shelter, they will not be able to sleep peacefully at night and will thus have to disband. Major banks now have security patrolling outside of local branches and if you try and close your account or take our large sums of money, the bank manager comes over and casually asks what you are buying? None of your f*cking business. I have actually had it happen to me when I took out a large sum to pay off a small loan. You see the videos and think, “okay, I am not getting the full picture. If this person was only closing out their account, why are they getting arrested?” or “If these people are only quietly protesting, why are the police tear gassing and beating people? What did they do?” I would wager to say, not much beyond what has been stated. The government wants peace at this point and the only way to quell an angry crowd is with menacing police presence or forcing them to disband. Riots are not the answer, because the people involved end up taking out aggression on one another like animals and looting begins and then the national gaurd comes out to tear gas and beat people. Violence is not the answer as seen in ancient Rome. Many senators and consuls possessed their own Legions of soldiers which meant that when there was a power struggle (and there always was), civil war ensued, much like today. Our police our supposed to protect and serve the people, not the greedy corporations and corrupt government.

“So what the hell can I do to make a difference?” you ask. Imagine if everyone closed down their accounts with all major banks/financial institutions and stopped paying their mortgages, loans, and credit cards. There are not enough military, collection companies, or repossession companies to handle everyone. And the fact that almost every household in the US (except for extreme liberals) have firearms means that you can defend (NOT ATTACK) your home if you need to. “What about my credit?” you ask. Are you getting loans right now? Is your credit feeding your family, or securing your future? F*ck your credit and if you have all of your money with you, the banks cannot spend it and use it freely to pay bonuses to their board of directors and other fellow bigwigs. If everyone tried to pull their money out in a collective effort, the banks would not even be able to handle it because they operate on credit as well and have money tied up in moneymaking ventures. You have to have money to make money. Take your money out of big banks and financial institutions and if you feel really bold, stop paying on your debt.

Is that the best idea? I don’t know, but uncertain times call for drastic measure and you need to do something. Don’t be a lump, go get out and protest or withdraw your money, or whatever other non-violent act you can think of. This is a call to arms (metaphorically of course).

To Vote or Not to Vote

Having moved to Oregon recently, my wife and I had to switch our drivers licenses to show proof that we were owned in part by a different state. Oregon actually has you take a pretty gruesome written test that requires reading of the ‘Oregon Rules of the Road’ handbook, so if you do get pulled over there is no, “I didn’t know that” excuse. After paying lots of money and having my memory erased, the clerk at the counter asked if I would like to be a registered voter. I said “no thank you”.

Like many of my fellow Americans, I have lost faith in our corporate run government and elections by which we select these used car salespeople. Let me guess, “if you don’t vote, you don’t have a say, and you won’t make a difference.” The first president I voted for was George W, and let me express my sincerest apologies but I don’t remember voting, only waking up from what seemed a drug induced stupor and a large bump on my head with a “Hahahahaha, you voted for the dumbest person in the universe” sticker on my shirt. I cried for weeks and then eight more years. In the meantime, my partial goal in life besides smoking pot and finding suitable partners for engaging in coitus was knowing who I was voting for and trying to elect the best people for the job. Really though, who the hell has time to study candidates for circut court judge and town oppressor; and what about the person who has no opposition on the ballot? I’ll tell you what, I leave them blank because I want them to have to work for it. Every voting day was filled with excitement until I had to go into a booth by myself with a piece of paper and felt tip marker, only to find my familiarity included approximately 5-7% of the candidates on the ballot. If you don’t know any of them do you leave them blank? Do you pick one based on the sound of their name or past experiences with someone of the shared name? What if you pick the wrong person and they do a horrible job and then you feel guilty because you voted for the worst county janitor ever?

Call me lazy, un-American, or even blasphemous, but I will see you on the moral high ground when you are swayed by my ramblings. What about going back to a dictatorship or ‘monarchy’ if you will? It really cannot be any worse than a bunch of above-the-law, power suit wearing, salespeople running our country. The US is currently similar to the Roman republic of old, where wealthy politicans are elected based on their popularity and ideals and the thought is that if I vote for Dick Turdman, he will hopefully make decisions more closey aligned to my ideals than Sandy Bottomfeeder. Then you vote for Dick Turdman and of course Sandy Bottomfeeder wins (because you never get what you want), and she doesn’t make you happy so you curse her in a small ceremony involving fake blood and lots of unintelligible, mumbled chanting. However, neither of these candidates would make anyone happy because they are only fictional entities created by me.

Currently we face the end of Barrack Obama’s four year office term and most people have lost sight of why they voted for him, or blame him for the executive branch’s lack of legislative branch support. Whether or not he stays in office, corporations and other big business’ will always have grab bags for buying politicians and shaping the laws of the land. So the questions remains. . .to vote or not to vote? I say no. Until the ballots offer different types of governments to try out such as a monarchy, triumvirate, or even give communism a fair shot, I will not be voting. To be quite honest, we could learn from the Romans a bit. If we legalized marijuana and brought back gladiator games as punishment for criminals, crime would significantly drop in our country. No matter what though, if you vote it will always be for a Dick Turdman or a Sandy Bottomfeeder which is a lose lose situation. However, if you do still plan on voting for the least worst candidate, make sure you have some cyanide handy in case he or she turns out to be another George W or worse. That way, you can avoid shaming your family from having voted for the dumbest person that this planet has ever seen. . .ever.

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