Why Hire a Videographer?

In the ever growing world of e-commerce, blogging and people who just want to be seen or heard, video can capture everything you need. . .if done well.  This is where videographers come into the picture.  A good videographer has all of the necessary equipment and the skill set to use it properly.  With the technology boom, high definition video has become more readily available than ever before.  video equipmentDSLR’s (digital single lens reflex camera) have been flooding the market and turning everyone into a DIY videographer or movie maker.  The most common statement is “I can do the same things on my I-phone that you can do.”  This statement is only partly true.  Yes, if you mean that you can record high definition video on your smart phone the same as me, you are correct.  If you are asserting that you can create the same quality of video as a professional then you are mistaken.  When I show up to a shoot, I bring anywhere from $4000-$6000 worth of equipment depending on  the video.  I also bring hours of schooling and hands on experience.  Yes, admittedly, we as a video production community charge what seems to be an exorbitant amount of money for videos but we are really worth it.  My background begins with a Bachelors in English and Speech minor and a Bachelors in Film, Television and convergent media, not to mention the countless hours watching and dissecting movies my entire existence.  When you hire a professional videographer you get a storytelling background, lighting, audio and a whole range of other equipment that you don’t have.  This doesn’t even take into account my super computer, editing software and hours of experience editing the footage.  Now we are up into the $8000  range on equipment.  If you need a couple of videos and are weighing your options, it always comes down to the simple math of, “what is my time worth?” Well lucky for you there is a simple equation:

(cost of equipment+hours of time spent+number of swear words used in process)= What your time is worth in frustration units (FU’s)                             (hours of research to use equipment-mistakes made+how many things you break)

If your FU’s are negative then you need to hire a videographer to get your video done correctly, and if you still feel the need to be a jack-of-all-trades then, by all means, video away.  Yes, we need to weigh our options and if you cannot afford a videographer or if it’s cost prohibitive because you would like to produce videos on a regular basis then purchasing your own equipment could work for you.  If that’s the case then get on Youtube and brace yourself for some research.  Here is a list of some individuals who offer different types of information.

Tom Antos


Dave Dugdale

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, just a few of the people that I turn to for tips, tricks and product information.  No matter what your project, you should always get an idea of how much it would cost by getting a quote from a professional and if you decide to try it for yourself, at least do some research because there is way more to it than you think and even professionals go through a period of making mistakes before they realize that you have to bring two of everything to a shoot because equipment can and will fail you.

If you do need videography services, let’s set up the free consultation to see how I can help you.  Contact us at:








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