Valentina Productions

When it comes to telling stories there is no better way than video.  Film allows us to see and hear the story from the mind of the author in a media that combines almost all of the senses while teaching us and taking us on incredible journeys.  In this technological age, most of us don’t pay attention to or have any idea what goes into quality filmmaking but we know it when we see it.  There are literally hundreds of different statistics telling us why we need videos on our websites.

Film captures the essence of who we are and conveys it to potential customers.  If you are a psychic (just a random profession, prevalent in Sedona, AZ) and there are literally 50 other psychics in town, what differentiates you from everyone else besides your cost? The answer is you! The beautiful part is that I can capture parts of you on video for potential clients to see, or give them a glimpse into the heart and soul that goes into your products.

Hiring a professional like myself, frees you from having to invest lots of money in expensive camera equipment and editing software, not including the time and money necessary to shoot and edit professional looking videos (and no your iphone cannot do what I do).

Specializing in:

  • Professional Commercials
  • Testimonials for your services and or products
  • Music Videos
  • Movies (because I am a director at heart)
  • (Your idea here)

Here is my Demo Reel from some of my work.

Here is a family card for all types of family videos including anniversaries birthdays and holidays.

Here is a business video card which can describe yourself, your services, testimonials or even creative commercials.

Another professional landing page video that I filmed and edited.

With reasonable rates and a free 30 minute consultation, you cannot go wrong.  Contact me today so we can start on your project.




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